The Incredibles movie review

In a time when superhero movies are bouncing here and there, viewers are really wondering if there is still something original to this movie compared to the others of the same kind. What could the powers of these superheroes could be? If you have seen flying, sticking on walls, blind superheroes; what could possibly be new this time? Is there anything left?

Leave it to Pixar to give you the most original and new concept when it comes to the powers of these superheroes. Director and writer Brad Bird has new ideas when it comes to the powers of these superheroes. Not only that the stories behind the powers of these superheroes are also witty.

The Incredible’s first few scenes were already full of action and amazing sounds. Mr. Incredible saves people’s lives but the only thing that is a little off is that he hurts people while saving them—unintentionally, of course. This is the same reason why Mr. Incredible started a new life with his family—fast forward 15 years later. His family consists of his wife Elastagirl, Dash and Violet. All of which has unique superhero powers too.

The climax arose when Mr. Incredible finds himself bored with his normal life and was approached by someone and asks him to do superhero duties one more time. This is where the real action begins. There are really massive and visual effects that are spectacular for the movie. It goes way higher than the other animated movies in terms of everything. The concept is fresh, never been seen by the audiences. The movie is funny and hilarious not only for kids but also for adults. It has a good moral story for everyone of any age. The voices of the casts were amazing as well even if Dash and Violet were done by not so famous actors. Over-all, The Incredibles is everything you have expected and more.


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