Take Family movie time outside

Looking for a way to beat the heat this summer? It’s not too early to start thinking about backyard movie nights. With weekend projector rental rates starting at just $99 and free trial offers from online DVD rental companies, this summer promises to be easy, cool and fun-filled.

Planning a Back Yard Movie Night

It’s easy to plan a backyard movie night — just rent a projector, request some movies through an online DVD membership or pick up a flick on your way home from work, throw out some oversized pillows or lawn chairs, pop some popcorn and let the fun begin! As the sun goes down and the temperature cools off a bit, you’ll love being outside in the fresh air with an outdoor movie night.

Netflix is easy to use because you won’t have to worry about missing “all the good ones” at the movie rental store — you can browse and select movies online 24/7, place movies into your queue so there’s always something good to watch, and even pre-reserve your copy of the newest releases.

Alternatively, you might consider DVD rentals through Blockbuster online, CafeDVD, DVD Avenue, or eHit. If you prefer to pick up a movie (without membership fees or hassles), check and see if a Redbox kiosk is located in your area. Redbox offers a fast, affordable way to rent movies, and you pay just $1 per day.

If you’re looking for a completely free way to rent movies, visit your local library’s media section. Many libraries also offer online features, allowing you to place a hold on the most popular DVDs, and you’ll receive notice when it becomes available.

Taking Movie Nights to the Next Level

Instead of keeping the fun all to yourself, why not gather a few neighbors and share the fun? Find 3 other families who want to play and you can rotate the location of movie night from house to house. That way, each family gets a month’s worth of weekend fun for just the cost of the $99 projector rental.

You might even consider picking a different theme each week, and preparing snacks to fit that theme. For example, “Western movie night” can feature favorite western flicks, complete with steaks and potatoes. Pick out your favorite kung fu movies and order in Chinese food, or select summer time favorites like “Freaky Friday” and host an outdoor cookout with hot dogs, chips and all the fixings.

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