Movie Rating explanation

You are probably wondering what the movie ratings like G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 mean. You always see these ratings whenever you watch movies. These are ratings assigned by the MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America to help parents determine which movies are suitable for their children and which are not. Before, they only approve or disapprove movies, without detailed explanations. But because of the increase in number of movies with adult contents, they devised a new rating system that is more flexible and covers a wide range of movies.

Here are the five movie ratings and what they mean.

• G or General Audience. As the description states, a movie which receives this rating has contents that are appropriate for people of all ages—this includes even very young children. The movie does not have any violent, sexual, drug, or strong language contents. It does not necessarily mean that the movie with this rating is a children’s film.

• PG or Parental Guidance. A movie with a PG rating can include mild violence, short nudity, or even a few profanities, but they are only seen or observed in the movie minimally. Drugs should not be included. This just means that parents should guide their children while watching the movie and explain some things that are a bit inappropriate.

• PG-13 or Some Contents Are Not Appropriate for Children Below 13. This is a bit similar to the PG rating but in this case, the sexual, profanity, and strong language contents are more intense. Drug use is also included.

• R or Restricted. You can only watch a R-rated movie alone if you are at least 18 years old. If you are below 18, you need your parents to go with you. R-rated movies include intense and harsh profanity, violence, and sexual contents. Drug use is also present. These contents are stronger than in PG-13 movies.

• NC-17 or Below 17 Is Not Admitted. Before, this rating was called X. You can only watch this if you are at least 18 years old and you do not have any chance of watching an NC-17 movie if you are 17 years old and below, with or without your parents. The contents in these movies are harsher and stronger than in R-rated films and they are only suitable for adults.


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