How to pick a good family movie

There are very few times when you are able to watch a movie with the whole family. Usually the parents are busy with work and the kids are too busy studying. On weekends when you have nothing to do and the weather is not permitting you to go out, you can still have fun and bond at home. How? Relax and watch a movie, as they would say. However, it is quite hard to find movies that everyone in the family would enjoy. Of course, the kids’ ages are different and sometimes one kid wants this and the other kid wants that. But it is still up to the parents to scrutinize and decipher if the movie is really worth watching and if it applies to all ages.

What makes a good movie for the whole family to watch?
1) Good family movies should be wholesome. This is the case especially if your family still consists of young ones. You can pick an animated movie for the whole family to enjoy. The good thing with animated movies nowadays is that they don’t only cater to kids but to adults as well. They are as equally entertaining as adult-themed movies.
2) Good family movies should have a moral lesson. Since your kids will be watching the movie, of course you would want the best for your kids, right? A movie with a lesson to be picked up in the end is a criterion for a great family movie.
3) Good family movies should be a hit for everyone. Sure, you do have your kids with you but don’t you want to enjoy a good movie too? The key here is to choose a movie that would both appeal to your and your kids (as mentioned in number 1).

The best movies will make you bond while watching and after watching it.


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