Back to the Future Movie Review

As a movie viewer, you would always want the story of the movie to be good from beginning to end. However, not all movies can do this. Consistency is one of the hardest things that a film can bring. You have to go through every detail. The script supervisor is the one who needs to make sure that consistency is running so smoothly throughout the film from the actors, set decorations, props and others. This is what Back to the Future is all about. The two sequels were really made to be two of the most unforgettable movies of all time. Back to the Future set the trend of sci-fi movies.

This movie was the pioneer when it comes to time travel with best friends Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox and Doc Emmett Brown played by Christopher Lloyd as the lead characters. The two were adolescents who were always cutting class and invents crackpot. One day the two best friends find themselves in a time machine that went back as far as 1955. The conflict begins when accidentally Marty gets in the way of his parents past life. His parents who were then teenagers were just falling in love and because of this accident; Marty may not even be brought to life.

The film is also very hilarious as Marty deals with his parents back when they were not even his parents yet. Marty also had to encounter being awkwardly uncomfortable when his (now) mom likes him. It also covers a lot of Hill Valley, Marty’s neighborhood and how it has evolved all throughout the years—the 30 years to be exact. His best friend Doc Brown was the one who brings so much comic relief to the story by his crazy antics and his signature line, “Great Scot!”

Over-all, Back to the Future is one film that every individual should watch because it never gets old.


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